Mamagoto, Nungambakkam, Chennai


We have been postponing a visit to this place thinking my children might not take a liking to the South East Asian fare Mamagoto is known for. Finally with a Malaysian trip on the cards, we wanted to give them an orientation and the best place for the same seemed to be well, this one.

And when we did make it here on a Sunday, we made it a point to call ahead and check about reservations. The person who picked the call informed us that being a weekend, we would need to wait 20-30 minutes even with a reservation. Since it was already past peak lunch time, we decided to give this place a go thinking we wouldn’t need to wait for long. Alas, the place was packed and we ha to wait a good 25-35 minutes before we could be seated.


Located on the first floor of the Oyster building in Khader Nawaz Khan road, Mamagoto has a pleasing yet vibrant decor. The quirky lighting above the bar adds to its charm. They also have a live Teppanyaki grill stationed to one side. The seating is a bit cramped though and you end up overhearing conversations from the nearby tables.


Coming to the food, we were already running behind time as we had to be at a place by so and so time and we had lost out on a good 35 minutes waiting. And on top of that the kids were super hungry. After checking with the person who took our order, we settled on
honey chicken, hawker’s noodles, yangchow champions fried rice and sliced chicken in black bean sauce and mushroom. The staff are friendly and courteous and helped the children to figure out how to hold chopsticks. While we waited for the food to arrive, we were served some sort of crackers which the kids and the husband enjoyed.

The honey chicken, tossed with bell peppers was sticky, sweet and a tad spicy from the dash of schezwan pepper in it and was gobbled up super fast. The hawker’s noodles or pad thai had generous amounts of chicken, bean sprouts and peanuts and was spot on in terms of flavour.

The yangchow champion’s fried rice was loaded with chicken, lamb and shrimp. Though my husband and myself liked this one, the children frankly, did not take a liking to this one. And the sliced chicken in black bean sauce and mushroom was off mark too. There was just too much black bean sauce in it throwing the dish way out of balance. I somehow marched on, hunger can do that to a person, but both the children and my husband decided to stay away from it. And as we had to rush, there was no point in ordering something else.


The final bill came to INR 1575 which is a bit on the higher side, but given the location the restaurant is in, quite the norm. Overall, this visit was a hit and a miss with 2 dishes hitting the mark and the other two falling flat, miserably.


Cuisine: Pan Asian
Address: Shop No. 9, Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai,  Tamil Nadu.
Tel: 080-67417876