To a new beginning!


A warm welcome to all you travel junkies and foodies out there!

Another website? You might ask 🙂 But a travelogue has been a long pending dream of mine and here it is finally. Yeah! FamilyFoodTravels hopes and aspires to be a website dedicated to chronicling our travel and food experiences as a family. Though a lot of fine tuning is still required, these past three months of hard work has given it a form I have come to love and cherish. Hope all of you folks like it too! Here’s to a new beginning, a lifetime full of travel!

I thought long and hard about this welcome post for long, close to a month to be honest. Yet nothing inspired me nor could I find the right words…And then came along this wonderful surprise by a patron of Linu’s Kitchen in the form of a cake! And voila, what better way to announce a website to the world than with a piece of cake!

For those of you who don’t know me, I am also a baker/decorator/photographer/dishwasher at Linu’s Kitchen, a custom home bake enterprise. And a patron who has become a dear friend over this past one year surprised me on the 21st of December with an advance cake for my birthday! She knew I was travelling and wont be in station for my birthday! Being a baker myself, I know the amount of coordination it requires to engage a baker to make a cake to specifications and to coordinate with a delivery service to ensure its delivered on time. All this for a baker who has known her for only a year! And the handwritten note that accompanied the cake was endearing and thoughtful beyond words. And to top it all, we cut the cake with the girls and miss from the singing class in our apartment with the girl’s singing happy birthday in a variety of tunes and genres. What more could one ask for!

To mention that I broke down after reading the letter would be an understatement. The totally unexpected gift made me realize yet again that I get to touch soul’s in a positive way with every single bake of mine…that the dash of love and passion I pour into each of my goodies is indeed making a difference in their lives…Here’s a big shout out to Aruna, my dear patron cum friend! Your gesture means the world to me! Its the best reward a baker could ever dream of dear!

A big shout out to Natasha of Nat’s Sugarland too, the cake was picture perfect! And the note that accompanied the cake just made my day. Its a super proud moment when you realize that you are an inspiration to bakers in your own town!

Letter 1

Letter 2


  1. All the best Linu on your new interest in penning about travel locations and the interesting food available….Adore your movie reviews….Hats off to you on time management….Kudos on your new endeavour