The Tredis Tea Room, Kodaikanal

Tredis The Tea Room, Linu Freddy,

When we started our Kodaikanal trip, I had made a list of the restaurants I wanted to check out and this one was nowhere on the list. Yet, we were driving around town one day and saw this place and decided to have a look.

The Tredis Tea Room has two entrances, one for those on foot and the other one for those coming in a vehicle. A sprawling property, this place has so much parking that it almost hurts to see so much space right in the heart of the city. And then you see the restaurant and its well manicured lawns and you go wow! The outdoor setting is beautiful, with garden furnitures made of wood scattered around a bon fire pit. The restaurant offered indoor and outdoor seating. The indoor space was dark and dimly lit. We were here for lunch and the  and weather was so good and the landscape so charming that we decided to sit outside.

Coming to the food, the menu does list a variety of dishes but most of them were not available. However they had set lunches that sounded okayish and we opted for a non veg combo, roasted chicken with herb rice, chicken fried rice and a chicken sandwich. The issue with the menu is that they don’t have any separate gravy dishes that we can order. So you need to eat your friend rice with ketchup!

Tredis The Tea Room, Linu Freddy, FamilyFoodTravels.comTredis The Tea Room, Linu Freddy,

Thankfully for us the fried rice was the best of the lot and the children wolfed it down in no time. The sandwich , on the other hand was ok at best. With a threadbare filling, this one did no justice to its price tag of 150rs. The non veg combo had herb rice, chicken 65, a veg gravy and a salad along with a sweet. This dish was ok, nothing great to rave about though. The roast chicken with herb rice was ok too. However, one of the chicken pieces were not cooked through properly and when I pointed it to the staff they readily gave me a new plate of the same and this time around the chicken was well done 🙂

Tredis The Tea Room, Linu Freddy, FamilyFoodTravels.comTredis The Tea Room, Linu Freddy,

Service here is ok at best. Its not great, but its not too bad either. I did read some reviews online that mentioned about the quality of service. Maybe they  have taken cognizance of the same and are working on it. The final bill came close to 1000rs which was quite economical except for the tiny sandwich.

The Tredis Tea Room is ideal for those who are looking to spend some quality time and relax. And if you have children, they can play around in the lawn for some time too. Our girls loved exploring the place at their own pace. And we loved the peace and tranquility of the place right in the middle of town. We could see the hustle and bustle near the lake too, but thankfully we were at a distance and the noise didn’t reach us.

The Tredis Tea Room

Address: No. 1, Lake Road, Opp, BSNL, Kodaikanal

Tel: 04542240834

Cuisine: Indian, Italian, Chinese