Langkawi, a quick guide!

Langkawi, Linu Freddy,

Langkawi, an island that has been on the top of my bucket list for a long while. As if growing up on an island wasn’t enough!

We came to Langkawi thinking two days would be enough to see the whole island. And we were wrong! The place is just too beautiful to do a whirlwind tour. So we ended up spending time at the beautiful resort we were staying in and just about managed to fit in jet skiing and a visit to the Skycab.

There are a whole host of attractions on this island. Prioritizing which ones to check out depending on the time you have is definitely challenging. Below is a quick guide to jet skiing and a visit to the skycab which were the best according to the research we did online.

Jet Ski with Naam

Naam, these guys are the best in their field. Agreed, they are slightly more costlier than the other tour operators out there, but their safety protocols and excellent service make up for the same. Their website allows you to check out all their packages and even book and pay online without any glitches. I had couple of doubts on parasailing and I did get a quick response from them via mail. You can also book their activities at the Langkawi airport. We were staying in Taj Rebak Island and while checking in found that Naam had a counter in the resort itself! We didn’t have to travel to their designated location at all! We had signed up for jet skiing and parasailing. Unfortunately, the weather was not conducive on both days for para sailing and we ended up dropping our plans for the same. The payment we did for the same was refunded within two weeks as mentioned in their website.

Naam, Linu Freddy, FamilyFoodTravels.comNaam, Linu Freddy,

(testing the waters)

We were given a thorough orientation for about 10 minutes before our Jet Ski experience. After about 5 minutes of trials in the marina, we were allowed to take it out for a spin in the Senari straits. Proper safety procedures were followed and the person accompanying  us was courteous and quite knowledgeable.

You can find more information about Naam here.

Langkawi Skycab

Another must visit attraction in Langkawi is the Langkawi skycab. This is the steepest cable car ride on earth. And it takes you up 708 metres above sea level to the second highest peak of Mt. Machinchang.

Skycab, Linu Freddy, FamilyFoodTravels.comSkycab, Linu Freddy,

(the ride up from base station)

Once you have purchased your tickets to the Skycab, you are directed towards another attraction – the Skydome. The Skydome is equipped with 12 projectors and shows you a 360 degree movie of about 10 minutes. The kids loved this one and were super charged for the ride up in the skycab. The cable car ride initially scared the hell out of me and the children but we soon got a hang of it. After a couple of minutes, we started enjoying the breathtaking views and we even saw a waterfall in the distance. The first cable ride takes you from the base station to the middle station. Located at 650m above sea level, the middle station offers 360 degree views from its viewing platforms. After spending some time here, we boarded the next cable car to the top station. This ride was way shorter than the first and once you alightat the top station, you are in for a literal treat. The views are nothing short of spectacular and you don’t want to leave, ever!

Skycab, Linu Freddy, FamilyFoodTravels.comSkycab, Linu Freddy,

(absolutely splendid views)

Located at a short distance from the viewing platforms at the top station is the 100m long SkyBridge. Listed among the world’s longest curve suspension bridge,  the SkyBridge is suspended from a single pylon and hangs about 100m above ground. Walking on this bridge is definitely an experience of a lifetime! And since its a curved suspension bridge, the views keep changing unlike how it would be if it was a straight bridge.

Skybridge, Linu Freddy, FamilyFoodTravels.comSkybridge, Linu Freddy,

(a movie shoot in progress)

You can find more information about Langkawi Skycab here.