Doner Kebab Bistro, Nungambakkam

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Well, well, well! What do I say about this place? I am seriously at a loss for words here. We found Doner Kebab Bistro online while randomly searching (read furiously) for a place to have our Sunday lunch couple of weeks back. The pictures seemed good and my husband called up immediately to reserve a table. And the person who picked up the phone was like, please come sir.

All of us were discussing the attitude through the short drive trying to make sense of what he meant. Well, we found out soon enough! The place had exactly two diners when we reached. That too on a Sunday! While my husband and children wanted to turn back and search for a better place, I decided it was time to be adventurous and try these guys out. They do have two tables outside, but it was impossible to sit outside in this Chennai heat.

First things first, this place needs a proper sprucing up. The lady cleaner was doing a mediocre job of it and the way she was doing her job seemed as if she was working in someone’s home. Totally not a professional approach.

Doner Kebab Bistro, Linu Freddy, FamilyFoodTravels.comDoner Kebab Bistro, LinuFreddy,

Coming to the service, the boys are courteous and nice and they explained the menu well. And they took our feedback in a positive manner too. So big plus for the same.

DonerKebabBistro, Linu Freddy,

On to the food, we ordered a Turkish pizza and lemon iced tea for the children while my husband opted for a grilled chicken burger. And I settled for a chicken doner kebab. The Turkish Lahmacun pizza was lovely with a thin crust and a different middle east flavor altogether. The grilled chicken burger was nice too. Nothing great to rave about, but ok enough to call it nice. The doner kebab on the other hand was a mixed bag, the pita bread was a bit too dry and huge for my liking, the fries served along with it was too salty, but the filling was good!  And as per the children, the lemon iced tea was not so great. They were like we make better lemon iced tea than this!

Overall, Doner Kebab Bistro is a mixed bag when it comes to the food on offer. And they really do need to make an effort to keep this place spotlessly clean. The bill for the above came to just about 1000rs. So this place is definitely value for money. If they put a bit more heart and soul into this place, I am sure it will pick up!

DonerKebabBistro, LinuFreddy,

Doner Kebab Bistro

Cuisine: Continental

Address: 31, Anderson Road, Cochin House, Nungambakkam, Chennai – 06

Phone: 4445018008