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Le Pondy

A premium leisure resort, Le Pondy is located about 8kms away from White Town in Pondicherry. We stayed here way back in 2011 when...

The Indian Kaffe Express, Pondicherry

We were on our way back from Velankanni and had already made up our mind to spend some time strolling around White Town in Pondicherry. After...

The Windflower Resort and Spa, Pondicherry

The Windflower Resort and Spa is situated around 7 kilometers away from Pondicherry in a picturesque little place called Veerampattinam. We stayed here close...

Baker Street, Neverland of desserts

Another place ticked off my list for Pondicherry! I had heard so much about Baker Street from my friends that this place had been...

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