Linu Freddy,

the Fred’s are a family of four and as clichéd as it might sound, we love travelling. Agreed, we have been sticking to places near our home for long as our children were quite small. However, the moment our older daughter touched her first double digit birthday, we decided it’s time to start travelling as much as we can, and as far as we can. And to do it together, like how we started our journey together all those years back, hand in hand, for together or for worse.

FamilyFoodTravels is a travelogue to pen our escapades while globetrotting. Being ardent foodies, we will also be reviewing the restaurants and cafes that we frequent on weekends with our children. We will also be sharing information on how to plan your travel with children, how to travel smart, the best places to visit and last but definitely not the least, how to spend quality time together as a family while on vacation.