Dnata Lounge, Terminal 1 @ Changi Airport, Singapore

Linu Freddy, FamilyFoodTravels.com, Dnata Lounge

And it is time to kick-start our great Australian adventure. Taking a career sabbatical with two grown up kids has to be the craziest thing we have done till date. Though its risky and scary as hell, we also realize that if we do not do this now, we might never be able to try this experiment again. So here goes nothing!

Our flight to Adelaide had a 6 hour long stopover at Changi Airport, Singapore. And thanks to the Priority Pass I hold courtesy HDFC’s Regalia credit card, we were able to spend the greater part of our time relaxing at the Dnata Lounge in Terminal 1.

The Dnata Lounge in Terminal 1 has a comfortable and cosy decor. The main area of this lounge overlooks the terminal and considering this is Changi airport we are talking about, there is not much difference in the seating! The terminal waiting area looked as comfortable as the lounge! However, the lounge seating had several partitions giving each table a sense of some privacy.

Dnata Lounge, FamilyFoodTravels.com, Linu FreddyDnata Lounge, FamilyFoodTravels.com, Linu Freddy

The buffet area had a seperate section with close to 5 tables making it easier for families with children to enjoy the spread. The fridge was well stocked with soft drinks and beer. On top of this there was a small section for self serve soft drinks, wine and liquor. The food on the buffet counter was well presented and they had a nice variety of finger foods and desserts along with tea and coffee. The pantry was working in full swing while we were there and the buffet spread was being refilled in an organized manner.

Dnata Lounge, FamilyFoodTravels.com, Linu FreddyDnata Lounge, Linu Freddy, Family food travels.com

The shower rooms and wash area at the Dnata Lounge were clean and comfortable. The reading and entertainment room was neat and inviting and a had a good selection of reading material. The airport wifi does not work inside the lounge so we had to connect to the lounge wifi which was way better!

Dnata Lounge, FamilyFoodTravels.com, Linu FreddyDnata Lounge, FamilyFoodTravels.com, Linu Freddy

Overall, this lounge is a nice place to grab a snack, get some rest and refresh yourself before you carry on to the next leg of your journey. For families with small children, this place would be perfect to calm down their frayed nerves and grab a cup of coffee!